Friday, August 22, 2014

Our Rental Program Saves You Time and Money

drew-swanton-parker-storeDrew Swanton
Parker Store Mgr.

Here at THG Corporation, we have an excellent array of rental equipment from portable hydraulic crimpers, oil filtration systems, and hand‐crank tube benders. While outright buying this equipment can be costly a daily or weekly rental can be just the thing for a short‐term project.

I will start with some of our hydraulic crimpers: 

Our most common rental crimper is the ‐ the Karrykrimp, which is the ideal crimper for on the job crimps and emergency situations. The Karrykrimp can be used with a hand style pump for locations without electrical access, or a small, lightweight power unit can be plugged into any standard power outlet to provide a quick and easy crimping system. This crimper is good for hoses up to 1‐1/4” ID (2 wire braided hose) or 5/8” ID (4 wire spiral hose)

KarryKrimp 2

This unit is a more powerful version of the Karrykrimp, with the ability to crimp a much wider range of those series. The karrykrimp 2 can handle up to 1‐1/4”, 2 and 4 wire hose, and it can even crimp up to 1”, 6 wire hose. While it is double to weight of its smaller cousin, the karrykrimp 2 is still very portable for what its capabilities are.

MiniKrimp (Air over hydraulic)

The MiniKrimp is the best portable crimper on the market. By utilizing a one‐piece high strength cast aluminum frame, the MiniKrimp is light, robust, and highly corrosion resistant. This crimper features an all‐in‐one unit that operates with as little as 60psi air pressure.

These are just come of the models that we offer for rental. We also have some heavier duty bench mountable crimpers that are good for long‐term and ongoing projects; however they are not nearly as portable as the ones I previously mentioned.

Guardian Filter‐ Portable Oil Filtration

The guardian portable filtration system is a pump/motor combination designed for conditioning and transferring petroleum based and water emulsion fluids. The guardian circulates and “polishes” fluid in your existing system to reduce the contamination to an acceptable level.

420 / 424 Tube Bender

The Parker Exactol Tube Benders are probably the most versatile bench benders available today. Built for easy manual bending of copper, brass, aluminum, steel and stainless steel tubes to exact tolerances, the 400 Series benders are also compact and portable to any area for service use where a vise is available. A variety of tools can be used with these benders for all types of bending: close bend radius blocks, mandrels for thin wall tubes, bench mounting adapters and more.

For more information on what have to offer and prices please contact me! or you can call me direct at 508‐351‐2710.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Compressed Natural Gas [CNG] Growing As Alternative to Costly Gasoline Usage

drew-swanton-parker-storeDrew Swanton
Parker Store Mgr.

You have probably noticed that compressed natural gas [CNG] has taken off as an alternative to gasoline for transportation fleets such as buses, waste removal trucks, and long-haul trucking.

The worldwide production of CNG has been growing at almost an exponential rate with a lot of other countries converting a large number of personal vehicles to gas too. At The Hope Group we have recognized this growing industry and have the means to set you up with everything you need to get your state of the art CNG station going.

For those of you who don’t know much about CNG, it is basically compressed methane gas that can be used as a cheaper fuel replacement for gasoline and propane with less undesirable side effects of the combustion process (i.e. harmful exhaust fumes such as CO2, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, etc.) CNG also releases more than 1.5x the amount of energy than standard gasoline but because it is a gas (not to be confused with a liquefied gas) more storage space is required.

Because of the storage requirements early usage was mostly limited to municipalities who had the means to fund an expensive storage system. Now that CNG has become more common and the price of storing and transferring has become cheaper it is a great way to save money on gasoline and diesel. Current CNG prices are around half the cost of standard oil based fuel prices and remember- you get more bang for your buck from a GGE (gasoline gallon equivalent) of CNG than you do with regular fuel.

CNG storage tanks on a personal vehicle in the spare wheel well.

As a Parker distributor we can provide certified CNG hose assemblies for your vehicle, transfer station and pumping station. We also stock plenty of stainless steel tubing, fittings and flex metal hose to get your CNG station going fast. If you want to know more about our capabilities please visit our website at or feel free to contact me via e-mail @ .

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Partek Defense Sleeve

drew-swanton-parker-storeDrew Swanton
Parker Store Mgr.

Continuing with the trend of last month’s blog on preventative hose maintenance, I am going to introduce the brand-new Partek Defense sleeve that Parker is now offering.  No matter what you do, chances are at some point a hose will fail and how nice would it be to be able to contain some of the mess when that does happen…(Drumroll please) Now you can!

Designed for the safety of personnel who are using equipment in close proximity to the machine itself, Partek Defense is a great way to protect your equipment, personnel and job site from a high pressure hose burst. The defense sleeve is able to contain a hose burst of up to 12,000 psi, which should handle most hydraulic applications. It comes in 1/4"  through 3/4" (I.D.) for most series of hose that Parker offers. The defense sleeve is also great for areas where an oil spill could have high repercussions and possible EPA fines, such as a marine environment.

See this is what happens when you don’t use the Partek Defense Sleeve
Now do not confuse the Partek sleeve with an abrasion sleeve. If you use the Partek sleeve like an abrasion sleeve it will not work the way it was designed. If you want abrasion resistance AND the hose burst protection I would suggest using two sleeves, the Partek sleeve and another one over it to handle any abrasion issues you might have.  Using the Partek sleeve for abrasion resistance will weaken the sleeve anywhere it rubs and can compromise the energy burst containment. Overall the Partek Defense sleeve is another way to save time, money and another of your customer’s lawns.