Monday, March 21, 2016

Tales from the Traveling Rep: Introduction

Joe Kelly
Fluid Connector Specialist
Parker Hannifin

Hi, my name is Joe Kelly. I’m a Parker Sales Rep and Fluid Connector Specialist in training. For the next few months I will be making sales calls on behalf of The Hope Group as a part a yearlong training program with Parker. I’ll be documenting my experiences along the way, here on The Hope Group’s Parker Store Blog.

A little bit about me: I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Drexel University in Pennsylvania, and I began working for Parker this past summer after graduation. While working for Parker I have visited 14 states, 10 Parker Divisions, and six Parker manufacturing facilities. I have met countless new people and I have learned all about Parker’s Fluid Connector Products.

As part of my training I attended product schools at each of the six Parker Fluid Connector Divisions: 
  • Tube Fittings Division
  • Hose Products Divisions
  • Fluid System Connectors
  • Quick Couplings Division.
  • Industrial Hose Division
  • Parflex Division

At each school I got an in-depth look at the division’s scope of products, applications, manufacturing, and most importantly to my future role I was able to meet key individuals at each division. I spent the most time at Tube Fittings Division where I worked with everyone from Customer Service Representatives and Product Sales Managers to Engineers, and Lab Technicians. It has been a crazy six months and I’ve learned a lot, but through orientation and extensive technical training in fluid connectors, I am now getting ready to hit the road on my own to represent Parker and The Hope Group.

To get things started, let me tell you about my first month at The Hope Group. When I arrived at The Hope Group back in late January I had no idea what to expect. Since then, I have travelled with THG sales people, worked in the Hose Shop and Warehouse, and spent time working in the Manchester Parker Store with Scott Levesque and Jim St. Clair.

When I got to The Hope Group – Manchester branch, I had only crimped hoses in training, so I was nervous to be crimping hoses that would be used in the real world. The first hose that came through the door after I arrived was a failed hose from a bucket truck. Scott told me to grab the hose, and make a new one. I knew that the customer was going to rely on the hose to operate efficiently and safely. Scott watched me throughout the process, catching me when I almost put on the fittings without marking the proper insertion depth. Scott was there to make sure I followed all of the proper procedures and explained why things were done the way they are. When I was finished I checked to make sure the crimps were in spec, and as I saw that the crimp diameter was inside the appropriate range, I prepared to Ultra-Clean™ the hose and hand it over to the customer. I really enjoyed my time in the store, and by the end of the week, I had a much better knowledge of the process and a good start on learning part numbers.

Next time, I’ll be reviewing my experiences travelling with The Hope Groups Fluid Connector sales team and what it was like to make my first customer visit by myself.