Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Adventures in Crimper Training

Joe Kelly
Fluid Connector Specialist
Parker Hannifin

This past week brought another first for me. I have officially provided my first crimper training. Luckily, thanks to the training I received at Hose Products Division, the tools and information local Connector Territory Manager, Bob Parent covered with me, and help from the Hope Group Connector sales team I was well prepared to do the job.
I opened the training with the Safety Works slideshow, and tried to make it clear that the goal of the training is to ensure that everyone leaves with the knowledge necessary to fabricate safe hose assemblies. People had warned me that the guys may not take it seriously, but luckily everyone seemed to pay attention & take the training seriously.

After the presentation I walked everyone through the catalog, explained the meanings behind lay line information, broke down the fitting part numbers and explained how each piece of the part # identifies a detail of the fitting. Bob provided me with 10643-4-6 so I could draw attention to the jump size and explain that the last two numbers are dash sizes and the port side is always listed first. 
After that we went on to the actual demonstration, and everything went well. I was concerned that their bowl or dies may have been worn because the bowl was bone dry. So, before we started I put some lithium grease on it, and I checked the crimps with my calipers. They all came out within spec.
Training customers in the safe and proper use of a crimper was very satisfying. I hope to do a lot more training sessions.