Friday, August 5, 2016

Unexpected Visit Is Just What the Customer Ordered

Joe Kelly
Fluid Connector Specialist
Parker Hannifin

This week was an exciting week for me. I got my first order. It feels great to finally be in the field, and being productive for the company.  It has been a wonderful experience to train with Parker, but I’m really glad to finally have some more responsibilities, and a way to contribute.
One of the accounts that was given to me was a National Grid location, I have been trying to get in to see them, but I was having trouble coordinating a date with them. Eventually, after not being able to work something out I decided I would just drop in one day, and see if they happened to have time. As I pulled into the parking lot it was pouring rain. I parked the car, and reviewed all of the information I had available about the account, including sales history, contacts, & past activities. When I was satisfied that I knew what I needed to know I ran through the rain to the front door, and it was out of order. Luckily, a man who worked in the building was able to lead me around to the side door to let me in. As I stood there dripping in the hallway, he asked who I needed to see, and led me back to the garage to find him.
When I got to the garage I introduced myself, and told him why I was there I almost expected him to be annoyed that I didn’t give him more notice, and how busy he always seemed on the phone. Fortunately for me he turned out to have some time, and was actually happy to see someone from The Hope Group, because their fitting inventory had been running low recently.
He introduced me to his staff, and gave me a tour of their facility. They have Parflex Division and Hose Products Division hose and fittings, some quick couplers, and TFD adapters. They also have two Crimpers: a Parkrimp 1 that they used in the garage, and a Minikrimp that they used on their service vehicle. I noticed that they had plenty of hose so after they showed me around, I was able to take a closer look at their fitting and adapter inventory, and find out what they needed to restock. One of their mechanics, and I went through item by item, and decided what quantities they needed. After that we scheduled a time for me to train them on the crimping systems to ensure everyone in the facility is safely operating the equipment, and fabricating safe hose assemblies. Afterward I worked with Jim Wilson to get a quote to them, and then they responded with a purchase order. Finally, I put the order in with customer service.
It was really exciting to get my first order, and it has been exciting in general to be in the field. I’ve had to rely on myself to ask the right questions, and give people the correct information for the first time since I started working for Parker. It’s going to be a long journey to gain the level of knowledge & competence of The Hope Group's sales team has, but that’s the goal, and I’m on my way.

Editor’s Note: Since all good things must come to an end, this article will be Joe Kelly’s final blog for The Hope Group’s Parker Stores. During his time at The Hope Group, Joe received the hands-on experience he will need to grow and succeed during his career at Parker. Everyone here at The Hope Group congratulates Joe and wishes him the best in his upcoming assignment with Parker.