Tuesday, December 29, 2015

We Are Pleased to Feature Racor and Velcon Filtration

drew-swanton-parker-storeDrew Swanton
Parker Store Mgr.

Through its partnership with Parker, The Hope Group is pleased to announce the introduction of the Racor and Velcon line of filtration products, including the one-piece design Racor SNAPP filter, a small, quick-service outboard engine filter that is 99 percent effective in separating water and solid contamination from marine and diesel fuels.

Our customers ask about filtration all the time. Inadequate fuel filtration can cause damage to the engine and result in costly repairs. Now that we are stocking high-performing filtration by Racor you can expect to prevent many of these issues and extend the life of your engine. While upgrading to a premium fuel filter water separator can come with a sticker shock, the protection it offers your engine translates into an overall cost-savings. 
As the temperature drops, more water is freed up where it can cause engine problems.  Free water can cause filter plugging, holes in fuel tanks, and fuel injector failures. These problems are more common as the temperature drops because the fuel’s saturation point also decreases and it will hold less dissolved water. Free water can also freeze and impede fuel flow in cold temperatures. Diesel fuel holds more moisture than gasoline, and biodiesel holds even more than ULSD, so engines running on these types of fuels are the most at risk when the filtration system has inadequate water separation or a low-quality filter is being used.

OEM Quality Material

Where competitors may offer a cheaper alternative, they lack the original equipment specifications that you want for your filter. Racor uses the same media and materials as OEM’s in both original equipment and replacement filters. Some copy filters even contain banned substances in the canister coating and plating. Racor guarantees that their canisters contain no banned substances and they undergo extreme salt spray and climatic condition validating for integrity. 

Most competitor copies use a low quality media which performs poorly and can clog 70 percent sooner than Racor media.

If the construction is shoddy, unfiltered fuel may bypass internally or leak through seals and reach the engine, which Racor addresses by using high-quality materials and adopting high production standards. The heavy-duty, high-impact nylon construction bowl is designed from a unique durable clear plastic with high clarity, excellent UV protection, low and high temperature resistance, and is impervious to all fuel types. It is tested to resist damage from impact, pressure spiking and corrosion. Fuel can leak through poor quality seals that crack or harden in cold weather, which is why the pump diaphragms and seals are rated for operating temperatures of -40 to +255 degrees Fahrenheit. Racor uses high quality automotive grade gaskets and seals such as NBR, HNBR, and Viton® which are compatible with B20 bio-diesel in addition to traditional marine and diesel fuels. 

One of the best features of the SNAPP filter is that it is so easy to use and maintain. Simply snap it into the stainless steel mounting bracket and attach the quick connect fittings. No tools are required to service it. To change a dirty filter, you just squeeze the quick-release tabs and pivot the filter forward. When done, you snap it back into place. The replacement filter’s one-piece bonded construction gives you a complete kit with all the seals. This means no fiddling around with replacement seals that are easy to lose.

Aquabloc® Technology

Racor SNAPP filter’s ability to separate damaging free water from fuel comes from its proprietary Aquabloc® technology that meets or exceeds water removal and particle efficiency requirements for OEM fuel injection systems. The Aquabloc® media is a blend of high-grade cellulose compounded with engineered fibers, and a special chemical treatment. Water will not cling to the filter, Aquabloc® repels it. 

Here’s how it works: As fuel enters, it spirals causing heavier molecules such as water droplets and large particulates to fall to the bottom of the bowl. Smaller water droplets bead up on the sides of internal components and the filter element surface until they are large enough and fall into the bowl as well. What’s especially good is the filters not only remove asphaltenes, varnishes, algae, dirt, gums, rust and other tiny solids, they are also waterproof, so they remain effective longer, saving you money.

Micron ratings of 2, 10 and 30 are all readily available. For convenience, the end caps of all elements are color-coded: Red = 30 micron, primary filtration; Blue = 10 micron, secondary filtration; and Brown = 2 micron, final filtration. The top cap also includes a handle for easy servicing and an emergency filter bypass button if things get hairy. 

For serious sailors, Racor offers the Turbine Series, an ultra-heavy-duty, high-capacity water separation and fuel filtration duplex unit to offer mariners the peace-of-mind of having a clean filter in reserve. Rough seas can stir up tank sediment which will quickly clog a single filter. With the simple turn of a valve you have a clean filter back on-line and are free to service the clogged filter. All with the engine still running.

Offering the most complete, efficient, and reliable engine protection available symbolizes Racor’s commitment to the science of filtration. The Turbine Series is rivaled by no other although many may attempt to imitate its rugged capabilities. Models that include an aluminum bowl or stainless steel shield meet ASTM FS1201 certification, are UL-listed, American bureau of Shipping, Veritas, Det Norske Veritas, ISO 10088, and USCG accepted. Did we miss any?

For more information on what we have to offer and prices to please contact one of our customer service representatives at The Hope Group: Nathan Miller: nmiller@thehopegroup.com; Drew Swanton: dswanton@thehopegroup.com; or you can call our ParkerStore at 207-774-6266.