Friday, February 3, 2017

Reducing Inventory of Parker Hydraulic Hose Maximizes Profitability and Safety

Drew Swanton,
Parker Store Mgr.

As companies continue to "Lean" out their operations, it has become increasingly important to minimize inventory. While this is a good technique for improving the bottom line, it does have its downsides. When it comes to fabricating hose assemblies, manufacturers and suppliers can’t perfectly predict which parts their customers will need and when. Solutions to this conundrum include methods like custom kitting and vendor managed inventory, both of which streamline the parts ordering process. However, these solutions don’t necessarily address the concerns of companies looking to maximize floor space and profitability in an increasingly challenging global marketplace.

By minimizing the number of parts in your inventory, you also minimize the number of dollars wasted on the parts you don’t use. Primarily developed as a cost-saving measure for its customers, Parker’s GlobalCore solution simplifies your hose inventory. The family of five hydraulic hoses covers diameters ¼” to 2” and working pressure ranges from 3,000 to 6,000 PSI, which—depending on hose diameter and working pressure—are compatible with either 43 Series or 77 Series fittings and exceed ISO 18752 performance specifications.

How Inventory Reduction Can Improve Safety

By reducing the number of parts in your inventory, the potential for errors when matching parts for hose assemblies goes down with it. If your engineering and production staff are not educated on why it’s absolutely critical to use the proper fitting for your hydraulic hose, then the incompatible hose/fitting pairing can leak, fail and even result fail in serious injury or even death.

Is Global Core the Right Solution For My Company?

The cost-savings benefits I mention previously makes it a smart move for many companies. If you are not sure, customer service representatives at The Hope Group’s Parker Store branch locations can help determine if transitioning to Global Core is the right choice for you.

In preparation for our customers making the transition to Parker’s Global Core, all of The Hope Group's Parker Store locations currently stock 797-TC hydraulic hose, which delivers 6,000 PSI constant working pressure. The outside diameter is nearly 30% smaller than SAE spiral and twice the impulse life. It can be purchased at the Parker Store branch location closest to you or ordered online through the Hope Direct website. View more information on our Hydraulic Hoses.

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